Gargra :: Frostfire Ridge

Gargra‘s Team:

Team A:


  1. Leveling pet :: Use Any Skill
  2. Once you’ve got your hit in swap to Darkmoon Zeppelin.
  3. Start with [3][Decoy] and just keep hitting those pups with [1][Missles] until your Darkmoon Zeppelin is down.
  4. Swap to Menagerie Custodian once Darkmoon Zeppelin dies.
  5. [1][Zap] until last pup enters battle.
  6. [2][Shock & Awe] and blow him up with your [3][Ion Cannons]!

Team B:


  1. [3][PETA_SKILL3]
  2. [2][PETA_SKILL2]
  3. If PETA is still alive after PETA_SKILL2 finishes, use [1][PETA_SKILL1]
  4. Once PETA dies, swap to Leveling Pet, then immediately swap to PETB
  5. If MPETA is still alive, [1][PETB_SKILL1]
  6. [2][PETB_SKILL2], use this even if near full health because you are about to get lit up.
  7. [3][PETB_SKILL3]
  8. [1][PETB_SKILL1] until dead.

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