Pet Battles :: Leveling Pets in Draenor Part 2

I have spent the last few days busting my balls to get the achievement AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE finished. This achievement essentially teaches you how to beat pet masters with only 2 pets. RNG can play a big part in some of these fights, but I have learned that most pet masters can be easily beaten with a leveling pet (or in my case a worthless plushie that only looks cute.)

This has forced me to take a closer look at the other pet masters around Dreanor. I was excited to discover SHADOWMOON! As she has a worthless plushie of her own making her an easy daily for those PETCHARMS we love so much.

If you missed my last post, you can find information on FROSTRIDGE & ARAK >>>HERE<<< Here’s to hoping RNG is on your side as it is most definitely never on mine. ):


Seriously how easy was that??


Stay tuned for the last two Pet Masters in Dreanor.

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  • Savius  says:

    Nice guide :D.

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