World of Warcraft: Heroic Blackrock Foundry Kromog First Kill Analysis

After killing Flamebender Ka’graz, my guild decided to tackle Kromog mainly because of his close proximity to Flamebender as well as his rather simple fight mechanics. I know I’ve said that a few of these fights were relatively simple but to be honest that is true for many of the bosses in the instance save for a few and Kromog is no exception. Kromog is a straightforward punch you in the face boss that bombards the raid with high aoe damage and heavy damage on the tanks. Success on this encounter will require very strong healing from your healing team. There are a couple of mechanics to be aware of but for the most part this is just a pure healer fight. Check out the video below for my analysis of our first kill and hopefully it will help anyone struggling with this encounter to learn what they can do to finally overcome this boss and anyone who already has it down will perhaps see some ways to improve their own performance based on our successes and failures. Thanks for watching and I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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