How to make Gold in Pandaria (5.4)

The Vale of Eternal Blossoms

An interesting situation occurred in patch 5.4, with the introduction of SoO gear levels being common place it’s rather easy to kill many non-elite monsters around the world of Pandaria. There were also extensive changes to The Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Golden Lotus daily quests. All the mini-boss monsters that were part of the end quests from the random pool of Golden Lotus dailies are now rare spawn monsters. They are also on a short respawn timer which makes killing them repeatedly more common. These rare spawn monsters are in various places around the vale and using an addon like SilverDragon or _NPCScan will help you find them. These monsters also don’t have your typical rare spawn drops. There are several things to consider from their drop tables:

      item This box contains a handful of valuable crafting materials.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.

The cooking materials are part of the new cooking recipes that were introduced in patch 5.4. When farming out the vale, these cooking materials become quite common place. You often find more than you will ever use or sell on the auction house. This leaves selling them to a vendor and at 75 silver each they add up to gold very fast. You may wish to keep a certain amount of these for crafting food, but with the introduction of Noodle Carts as well, having individual foods on your character for raiding isn’t as necessary since each Noodle Cart supplies everyone in the raid with a stack of (5) food designed for their class.

The Sweet Spot

Simply flying around and killing the rare spawns is a valid style of play for building gold, but there is something even better. Visit the north western hemisphere of the map and you will find large camps of various Mogu. These mobs have a special drop in their drop tables: item. The cache keys drop uncommonly but are well worth farming. The caches they unlock are giant golden chests that spawn in both the back areas of the Guo-Lai Halls, Located inside the mountain to the north of these Mogu camps. These caches were once rare spawns, but are now common. They are typically up when you go to unlock them and they respawn after 5/10 minutes. The path down to these chests are also littered with Mogu which also drop keys. It’s not uncommon to find another key or two while fighting your way down to the chests. The contents of these chests are very rewarding.

      item This box contains a handful of valuable crafting materials.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.
      item Cooking material with a good vendor sell value.
      item Tailors receive these periodically.
      item Inscriptionists receive these periodically.
      item Skinners receive these periodically.
      item This is a whole Spirit of Harmony, not just a mote of harmony and a useful crafting material. Even if your character has no use for this with their profession, they can be traded at your factions shrine for other valuable crafting material.

These are just the more lucrative item drops that I wanted to point out. While farming Mogu for keys, you will also gather a slew of Cloth and Green Items as well as the occasional rare world drops. Grey items at this level also yield a good amount of coin when sold to a vendor and being just a hop away from vendors already in the zone you can easily unload full bags and get back to farming. Tailors also yield exta cloth from killing Mogu from their passive cloth finding ability, making this an even more productive gold farming mechanic for characters with the Tailoring profession.

Potion of Luck

item grant an amazing buff. When you add this potion effect to the above equation you start getting item. These contain even more of the typical crafting mats and you will get these quite often when you are simply grinding out Mogu kills repeatedly. These are easy to get even if you don’t have an Alchemist, you can usually find one to craft them for you for a small fee and completely worth the effort it takes to get them.

Golen Lotus – Daily Quests

This expansion has put a stigma on daily quests. Most players will go out of their way to avoid doing dailies when they can. But daily quests are a good source of gold. With the other changes to the vale discussed previously, the Golden Lotus quests are mostly gone. However, there is still a cluster of Golden Lotus quest givers in the south western corner of the map. These quests are all very simple quests and mostly have to do with Killing Mogu anyway or other creatures in the vale. Picking these up while you are in the vale collecting quests is just more bonus gold turning them in when you’re done.

Sky Shards

items are not going to make you any money, but I thought their nature deserved an honorable mention. These drop very rarely from most monsters in the vale and Guo-Lai Halls. You need 10 Skyshards to make a item. The Sky Crystal is used to break the shield protecting Alani the Stormborn. Alani the Stormborn is a special cloud serpent mob that circles the vale flying extremely high up. Breaking the shield protecting her, allows you to kill and then loot her. Looting her will give you item which is a cloud serpent mount with the same model as Alani the stormborn herself. If you spend enough time in the vale using the techniques discussed here you will end up with this mount eventually, on top of earning several thousand gold in the interim.


I’ve used this method to make thousands of gold. The amount of gold you can pull in varies depending on how fast you can kill groups of monsters and variable drop rates. On my pre-SoO geared Frost DK, I can pull in 1500 – 2000 gold an hour using the above method to farm. This doesn’t count the money that could be made from all the crafting mats as I run a network of toons with all professions so I use all my crafting materials and do not sell them. The amount disclosed above is purely from picking up gold from monsters and selling useless items to vendors (especially the cooking ingrediants). I imagine there are other factors that will determine your specific output. I play on an abandoned server with a medium population but most of which have left for other more full servers. When Mist of Pandaria is no longer the current expansion, this method will still work, but there will be more players on the map due to cross-realm players being activated once Warlords of Draenor goes live. I hope you found this article helpful as I’ve made my share of gold from it and hope you will too.

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