Player Tip :: Bodyguard Reputation Power Grind

I just wanted to throw out a quick tip for those of you interested in power leveling your Bodyguard reputations. Blizzard will typically hot-fix places where you can easily grind out reps at a faster pace then they expect so I don’t know how long this one will remain around. I’ve not seen anyone else doing this so it’s possible it’s just not well known enough yet. But I like to share and this is something that I personally have been doing with some of my time on Draenor working toward my Wingmen achievement.

Hop a flight path to Talador. The exact flight path is called Exarch’s Refuge, Talador.  I believe this is a neutral flight path so it should be available for either Faction. You will travel directly east away from the camp. There are NPCs battling the Burning Legion constantly spilling forth from portals. Vindicator Nobundo is hard at work in the thick of the battle. He will constantly be fighting groups of  demons and periodically drops Light’s Hammer near himself so you can easily keep you and your bodyguard topped off. The biggest thing to watch out for damage wise is the Fel Fire flames on the ground. These will eventually eat your health away if you do not pay attention. I’ve had no issues with bodyguard deaths in this location, but I’m also primarily a Retribution Paladin rolling Righteous Fury to keep aggro focused on myself. You may need to pay more attention to your bodyguard here if you do not have a threat boosting mechanic.

Using AOE abilities and your Outpost Ability here on CD helps a bunch. You shouldn’t find any trouble constantly killing the hordes here. However, there have been a few times where my Garrison Mortars cleaned house and I noticed a lull in spawns. This never lasts very long and you are soon back to killing a constant stream of mobs. The biggest drawbacks to this location is that you are only earning reputation toward your bodyguard as these are mid-level minions and don’t qualify for any other faction reputation. The second drawback is there are very little drops as well. A few of the tougher demons that spawn do drop silver, but the majority of your kills will yield no rewards aside from reputation with your body guard, but the slaughter is endless. Your mileage will vary depending on your abilities and class/spec you are playing, but I can consistently hit 250-260 rep per minute without reputation bonuses. During the Darkmoon Faire the +10% may seem like a small amount but it changes the number of kills needed for a level from 1,000 down to 900, which is rather significant when it’s all said and done. I capped my first bodyguard from 0 – rank 3 in about an hour of pure slaughter. This style of grinding is not for everyone, but if you’re up for you, you can blow through all your bodyguards quite swiftly to get their Rank 3 perks and your achievement.

I hope this information helps some of you reach your goals as it has me. I verified right before posting this that this location is still granting bodyguard reputation. There are several other spots discussed in the comments section of the Wingmen achievement page on wow-head if you’re looking for a different areas that also provides end game faction reputation as well.

Good luck!

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