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If you have your Fishing Shack structure in your Garrison then you are probably already aware of the daily fishing quests and are familiar with how they work, but I’ll summarize them regardless so everyone can follow along:

  • Each day you get a random daily quest asking for x10 eggs for a specific kind of Draenor fish. Example: Blackwater Whiptail
  • To obtain these eggs you need to catch enough of the appropriate size fish to gut and clean them.
  • If you have this quest in your log gutting and cleaning the fish will produce a randomized amount of the appropriate eggs.
  • Once you have 10 or more eggs you turn them in at your Fishing shack for your rewards.

One thing you might have noticed is: If you have more eggs in your inventory than are needed, the quest will consume them all. This can be annoying as, I personally would like to hang on to my extras for the next time these eggs are needed. It makes for less fish I have to catch on those subsequent days. If this bothers you, you can actually do this. The eggs are not classified as a quest only item and are not soulbound to your character. You can even sell them on the auction house if you like. There are a couple of ways you can farm up extra eggs and hold onto them for future turn-ins.

  1. Guild Bank Method :: Once I have a sufficient amount of the appropriate fish of the day to work with. I’ll stand at my Guild Bank and hotkey the fish on an actionbar some where. (This prevents you from having too repeatedly re-open the Guild Bank due to right-clicks putting the fish into the Guild Bank instead of gutting and cleaning the fish.) Now you have to pay attention to how many fish eggs you get each time you perform the gut and clean action. Sometimes you will get a full load of 10. If you have 10 or more fish in your inventory (counting those in your personal bank as well) then gutting and cleaning the fish will not produce anymore eggs. What you do is gut and clean until you reach 10+ eggs, then drop them into your guild bank. Rinse and repeat until you’ve collected all the eggs you can. Then you can simply pull the eggs out as you need them on any given day and save you some work on those days.
  2. Mailbox Method :: The process for this method is exactly the same as the Guild Bank Method above, except you simply mail your eggs off to an alternate character for safe keeping. Then mail them back to yourself. You will want to leave the eggs in the mailbox or in your Personal Bank until you need them because turning in the quest will consume any extras you are holding on your character. Storing the eggs in your personal bank is also acceptable as quests typically cannot take items directly out of your bank and require them to be on your person. I’ve confirmed that turning in the quest will only consume extras held on your character and will not consume them from your bank. However, when using your bank as the storage device for your extra eggs, be sure you have no eggs in your bank when attempting to create extra eggs. Since quests can read the contents of your Personal Bank ,eggs in there will count toward the quest total and once you have 10 total across your character you will no longer generate new eggs.

I prefer the Guild Bank Method as it allows my friends to all share their fish eggs and easily grab the needed eggs for any alts I want to turn the quest in on. Well this completes this Player Tip. I hope this information finds you well and you can benefit from my shenanigans!


UPDATE 12/29/2014: At some point recently Blizzard changed the fish so that they will still produce eggs so long as you have the daily for that particular fish. You no longer have to be concerned that you are holding TEN eggs when creating eggs in bulk. However, the quest will still consume ALL your eggs on hand when turning it in. I am a bit flabbergasted that efforts were made to fix one problem and not the more important of the two problems. I just wanted to update this post with the latest mechanics though, since it’s been changed since it was written.



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  • papasol  says:

    Updated post with new information on the mechanics in this quest being changed. It’s a bit of a half-assed change. I’m hoping it’s a side-effect and time wasn’t invested in making this specific change happen without fixing the entire problems with this quest.

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