Player Tip :: Horde :: Frostwolf Shamanstones

Those of you familiar with Frost Fire Ridge questing are likely familiar with Frostwolf Shamanstones already. But I do like to be thorough so I’ll gloss over them.

Early during your quest progression through Frostfire Ridge, you are assisting the Frostwolf Orcs and a key component to this is dealing with Farseer Drek’Thar.You will be introduced to Shamanstones when you reach Wor’Gol from the quest Honor Has Its Rewards, which provides you with one of six permanent zone wide buffs to choose from. As you discover each Shamanstone on the map the buffs that stone provides is added to the list to choose from. You can select any buff you’ve discovered by visiting any Frostwolf Shamanstone on the map. The three most common ones that players learn about through regular game play are:

  • Garrison Shamanstone :: This stone doesn’t provide a buff itself. It is present next to your Flight Master in your Garrison.
  • Shamanstone: Spirit of the Wolf :: Increases out of combat run speed by 30%. :: This is the initial stone that everyone discovers in Wor’Gol due to the quest Honor Has Its Rewards.
  • Shamanstone: Blessing of the Wolf :: Summons a wolf to aid you. :: Found in Bladespire Citadel after you’ve taken it from the Ogres.

The remaining stones are a bit more obscure yet provide significantly more powerful buffs than the initial two you discover early on. I’ve outlined the other stones here.

  • Shamanstone: Touched by Fire :: Chance to deal fire damage to enemies in an area. :: Found at 37,33 with Primalist Mur’og.
  • Shamanstone: Touched by Ice :: Chance to freeze enemies in an area. :: Found at 60,14 north of Colossal’s Fall.
  • Shamanstone: Buffeting Galefury :: Chance at granting 100% Multistrike chance and levitation effect. :: Found at 65, 79 south of Grom’Gar.
  • Shamanstone: Ogrish Fortitude :: Chance at transforming into a Frostfire Ogre resulting in 15% spell resistance too ill effects. :: Found at 43, 12 (Level 100 Area)

The stone I want to specifically talk about is Shamanstone: Buffeting Galefury. Now Multistrike is hands down the best secondary stat for the majority of specs in the game. Even the ones that don’t prioritize it would likely do so if it was a guaranteed 100% chance like this proc provides. When this effect procs, you quite simply devastate your enemies as all your abilities begin to hit 1-2 times extra for 30% each. This is quite a significant buff. I mention this as you can quite easily dash to this Shamanstone early on as you are leveling in the zone. It’s not in a difficult location to find or get to relatively quickly. You can enable the buff immediately once at the Shamanstone  and cruise through the rest of your questing in FFR laying waste to the Ogres and Iron Horde. I actually have a specific path that I run on all my characters to get this buff as soon as I’ve gotten my Garrison Hearthstone unlocked. I decided to make a short video illustrating the path that I run on my most recent character to unlock his Garrison (Enhancement Shaman). In the video I show how to quickly hop the ravine east of your Garrison to continue on the other side toward the stone. I also pickup a couple of Garrison Resources crates and knock-out a few rares along the way to grabbing the Wolf’s Stand flight path needed later on in the zone. I had an add-on problem that prevented me from enabling the buff in this specific video, but I confirmed after the fact that you can indeed enable the buff prior to completing Honor Has Its Rewards.

To further assist you folks who want to track down one of these Shamanstones to get its buff, here is a map showing the locations of the four stronger stones.

Well this ends another Player Tip, this one is specific to the Horde as there is little for the Alliance to do in this zone. I hope you find this information useful and share it with your friends/guild-mates.

Now back to Draenor!

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